WE'RE HIRING... Join Team ReWilding!

Social Media Coordinator

Does social media light you up? Does personal growth excite you? Do the words, "Make good sh*t and share it," resonate in any way?

"Make good sh*t and share it" is our team's fun way of thinking about what we do in the world... everything we do in the world! From in-person retreats, to long-term, deep-dive trainings, to our social media.

We’re looking for an experienced Social Media Coordinator to join our team. We’ve inspired hundreds of thousands from around the world, and this Social Media ninja will help us continue to skyrocket our reach and results.

You’ll use your experience and expertise in social media strategy, content creation and storytelling—and your understanding of ReWilding—to plan and share fresh and compelling social media content that furthers our online presence. You’ll work hand-in-hand with our writing and production teams to create and grow our audience with content that is insightful, relevant, and engaging. The brands you will work with are ReWilding For Women (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) and ReWilding with Sabrina Lynn (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram).

We’re open to this being either a part-time or full-time independent contractor role (although we'd prefer full-time.)

Let's get wild together... You'll be:

  • Overseeing social media planning
  • Creating engaging social media content relevant to each platform and its culture
  • Strategizing and implementing daily posts across our social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok
  • Communicating with our Customer Care Team as needed and managing external creative contractors as required, including video editors
  • Interacting with communities via DMs, comments, etc.
  • Growing audiences across social platforms
  • Strategizing and overseeing social media DM and SMS text marketing platforms
  • Remixing and repurposing existing content for a multitude of social platforms
  • Collaborating with our tight-knit Creative Team to complete program launch objectives
  • Increasing engagement for existing audiences with high-quality social analysis and initiatives
  • Aligning our brand with new and emerging trends where relevant
  • Gathering insights from social data using monitoring tools.


You'll know this is for you if... reading this light you up and you feel like you've come home!

And if...

  • You’ve been actively engaged in ReWilding for Women and/or ReWilding with Sabrina Lynn for your own personal growth and evolution
  • You live and breathe social media and have a constant pulse on new trends and what’s working
  • You understand the importance of creating and sharing strategic organic content for direct-to-consumer businesses
  • You’re a pro at growing audiences across social platforms
  • You have excellent project management skills and are able to work to deadlines
  • You can juggle multiple projects while communicating honestly about your timelines, challenges and questions
  • You love marketing and personal development
  • You’re experienced at analyzing social media data and using it to define strategy and increase reach
  • You’re an effective, clear communicator in all formats
  • You're able to respond to feedback without attachment—you're focused on finding the best ideas to get the best results
  • You have experience working with and giving feedback to external creators
  • You've worked in a virtual environment and you're comfortable with web-based team communication and project management tools
  • You do great work autonomously and as part of a highly collaborative team (you’ll need to do both here!)
  • Your work matters to you and you care about creating professional relationships that allow you to collaborate effectively
  • You're passionate about ReWilding—you value the work we do and want to be part of sharing it with the world
  • You're flexible (particularly with fitting in with our timezone—US Pacific Time), positive, creative, solutions-focused and details-oriented
  • You are comfortable working in a fast-paced, growth-centered environment
  • You want to do work that feels meaningful and your entire being is a "yes" to this!
In an ideal world, you have:
  • 3+ years of social media management and/or content marketing experience
  • Experience (and proven results) with building social media audiences for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Youtube
  • Experience using Canva and video editing apps/software
  • Strong technical aptitude
  • Strong creative and aesthetic skills
  • Participated in ReWilding programs such as Mystery School, Priest/ess Training, In-Person Retreats, ReWilding Memberships, ReWilding for Women online programs (not mandatory, but a plus)
  • Significant management and leadership experience
  • Extensive knowledge of a variety of current social media platforms and cultures
  • Excellent problem-solving techniques
  • Strong multitasking capabilities under pressure
  • Clear, confident communication abilities
  • Effective time-management skills
  • Ability to multi-task and adhere to deadlines
  • Good conversion copywriting skills and visual design & copy editing in multiple platforms.
This position is NOT for you if:
  • You don't know anything about ReWilding and have never done any of our programs
  • You have personal drama
  • What you really want is your own personal brand, spiritual business or retreat center
  • You’re not OBSESSED with a variety of Social Media platforms 
  • You think self-help or spirituality is weird
  • You don’t really commit wholeheartedly to anything (let alone your soul!)
  • You don’t like marketing or sales
  • You have no sense of humor.
The Nitty-Gritty
  • This is a virtual position working with our virtual team. You’ll have full autonomy over where you work, what you wear and which pet sits at your feet.
  • We like each other, and we want to keep our positive team atmosphere. We’re looking for someone who will jive well with our whole team (especially the Creative Team), be a reflection of ReWilding's values, and who is actively engaged in their own personal development outside of the work environment.

Sound good? Send your resume to support@rewildingway.com. Please add to your subject line: #SocialMediaCoordinator

If we’re interested, we’ll be in touch within 2 weeks of hearing from you. Then we’ll give you a short social media assignment for proof of chops.

Thank you one and all!