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How Many Superpowers
Can You Awaken & Parts
of Self Can You Reclaim...
In a Weekend?

Join us to find out...

Join Sabrina Lynn and the ReWilding Team for 3 days of never-before-shared initiations, archetypal activations, and inner journeys awakening you to the person you were always meant to be! LIVE TRAINING HAPPENS May 17th to 19th, 2024, daily @ 11am to 1pm US PT.

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Hurry! STARTS IN...

Rw Brand Logos

Hurry! STARTS IN...

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So What Exactly Is This FREE Challenge?

It's simple! A live 3-day virtual event like nothing you've ever experienced...

A journey taking you into parts of self you didn't know existed...

Awakening forces, energy and wisdom within that you didn't know were there.

It's a good and proper ReWilding Challenge inviting you to awaken to as many superpowers as you can in three days!

This event is a celebration of all that we are... but haven't quite stepped into yet!

It's a reclamation, an excavation and an initiation! It's a coming together, a gathering, a movement that you, me and the world could use right now!

A chance for us all to step into newer and truer ways of being... ways with more joy, more aliveness and more fulfillment!

It's me and the ReWilding Team sharing the best of ReWilding! It's three days, live, virtual and free.

And it's only happening once. So give yourself the greatest gift you possibly can and show up.

See you there!

With so much love,

💛 Sabrina Lynn & The ReWilding Team

How It Works

May 17-19: Three Days of Life-Changing Initiations


To the vitality of your own life force and the mysteries of the sacred self, accelerating the journey that’s meant for you.


Into the harder-to-reach places to uncover and breakthrough what's been holding you back, once and for all.


Your gifts, your power and your true self so you can create a life beyond the ordinary and realize your potential.

Is This Challenge For You?

We've facilitated over 1,000 journeys for more than 100,000 people around the globe.

We've dedicated the last ten years to uncovering the best ways to help people awaken to their full potential! If any of these sound familiar... this could be for YOU!

  • 1 "I feel like there's more to me.
    I'm not living my best life and I'm sure I have potential that I'm not fulfilling. I know I'm playing small. I thought I'd be further along my path by now."
  • 2 "I want more pleasure and joy in my life.
    I don't feel alive, I'm lacking in energy, and I feel like I'm eking my way through life. I have so much love to give and I'm craving deeper intimacy and connection. Isn't there more to life, more to relationships than this?"
  • 3 "I've heard the term 'follow your bliss' but I don't know how to do that.
    My job is soul sucking. I don't have purpose in my life. How do I find my calling? Maybe I don't have one."
  • 4 "I have so many ideas and plans but I can't seem to make things happen.
    I've tried manifestation techniques and vision boards but I'm not getting anywhere. I feel so stuck."
  • 5 "I'm afraid to show people who I really am.
    I'm too much! No one would like me anymore if I just unleash my True Self. I'll be rejected and I'll end up being alone."

Don't Miss Your Chance To Join LIVE May 17th-19th

Here's What You Get:

transformational teachings, embodiment practices, archetypal activations and energy transmissions


Whaaa! 2


Three Days of ReWilding

Join Sabrina and the ReWilding Team for this one-time event filled with never-before-shared initiations, archetypal activations, and inner journeys that will awaken you to the person you were always meant to be!


Private Community

Access to the one and only, wild and wonderful, vibrant and global... ReWilding Community! Where you'll be embraced, supported, and propelled into your greatness. There is nothing more powerful than having the right community at your back. And our community is like none other!







Of course we're going to hook you up with the replays of all 3 sessions! They'll be available for a very limited time though, so you'll still want to mark your calendar for May 17th-19th!

Can't believe I get all this for FREE! I'm in!

Don't Miss Your Chance To Join LIVE May 17th-19th

Here's why...

This ReWilding Challenge Is 100% Free


Isn't it time... we stop playing small?
And step into our power?

Isn't it time... we stop dimming our light?
And embrace our radiance and our greatness?

Isn't it time... to elevate and innovate, so we can all do more, be more, love more, share
more, and give MORE!

The more you shine, the more others around you shine! The more parts of self you reclaim, the more others can reclaim. The more you share your love, the more others share theirs.

The reason we do these free challenges is because we can! Because we get to help each other shine! We're all just walking each other home! This challenge is dedicated to that... Walking each other home!

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People Have Gone Through Our ReWilding Programs
ReWilding Participants are from 68+ Different Countries
Number of Workshops We've Facilitated
2.3 Million ReWilding Podcast Episodes Have Been Downloaded
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About Your Guide:

Sabrina Lynn

A gifted facilitator of revolutionary inner work and the world’s leading archetypal embodiment expert, Sabrina Lynn is the creator of the groundbreaking ReWilding Way and founder of ReWilding For Women.

For 15 years, her transformational practices and life-changing programs have taken people beyond the conscious mind, into the deep realms of the body and psyche, where true, lasting change, personal growth and authentic empowerment lies. Now she can be your guide too!

Today, Sabrina has a global following of over 400,000 firestarters, changemakers, spiritual seekers, and wild men and women! Her YouTube channel has had over 2.2 million video views and her podcasts have been downloaded over 2.2 million times. 

Sabrina has led more than 100,000 people through programs based on the ReWilding Way, a modality of healing and awakening that strips away the false, the deep wounds from early life, and the fears that hold people back, to reveal their true and unique soul light, and to build their innate capacity to shine it in the world.

Sabrina brings all of her research, knowledge and experience to this program, guiding you into the most profoundly, transformative embodiment work that can be found online!

Words About ReWilding's FREE Challenges

True Healing

“I don't think I expected how deep value this free Challenge would bring and how much change can happen in a small amount of time… You made me believe true healing is possible."

~ Michalina


“I would never believe I could journey online in this way.”
~ Vicky

Gigantic effects!

"This free event has given me one of the greatest breakthroughs and insights so far in myself and my journey, and I couldn't even imagine anything to have these gigantic effects."

~ Samantha

There is hidden power inside of you...

There is hidden power inside of you...