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5-Day Advanced, In-Person Training

The Path of the Priest/ess

Unlock Your Sacred Potential

Join us for a transformative 5-day advanced, in-person training that merges the mysteries and wisdom of priest/ess training with the dynamic energies of archetypes. Over five immersive days, you'll explore your sacred callings, unlock spiritual gifts unique to you, and embody divine energies in a deeply personal way that allows you to channel more grace, love and power into the world.

14 - 18 November 2024
Ibiza, Spain

5-Day Advanced, In-Person Training

The Path of the Priest/ess

Unlock Your Sacred Potential

Join us for a transformative 5-day advanced, in-person training that merges the mysteries and wisdom of priest/ess training with the dynamic energies of archetypes. Over five immersive days, you'll explore your sacred callings, unlock spiritual gifts unique to you, and embody divine energies in a deeply personal way that allows you to channel more grace, love and power into the world.

14 - 18 November 2024
Ibiza, Spain

Elevate Your Gifts and Impact in the World

Whether you're just beginning to feel the subtle nudges of the divine or you're already deeply committed to a path of spiritual service... a soul calling of this caliber is not all that common and can be very challenging. We're Energy Healers, Spiritual Guides, Shamanic Practitioners—trying to balance paying bills, launching businesses, and maintaining family responsibilities—all while being called to channel immense amounts of love, light, and grace into the world.

Imagine the transformative power of gathering with a dedicated group of souls, all intent on expanding their capacity to be channels for grace. This retreat is about merging the mystical with the practical, being a bridge between the sacred and the mundane, infusing your daily existence with profound spiritual power.

This retreat offers a unique opportunity to dive deep into these mysteries, unlock your sacred gifts, and embody divine energies in a way that transforms not only yourself but also the world around you. You'll learn to radiate love, light, and grace more frequently, in a wider variety of situations, and for longer periods of time. This is about becoming the greatest channel for grace you can be, amplifying your impact and elevating your service to the world.

With so much love,
💛 Sabrina Lynn

Your Retreat Invitation

Watching the Full Video is Required to Apply

This 45-minute video is the best way to feel into whether this training is truly for you. It's more than just an overview of the program—it's soul speak. My aim is that it opens doors for you, illuminates your inner callings, and helps you release the fears, karmic knots, and blocks that we often encounter on this path.

Space is Limited to 21
Due to the advanced nature of this retreat, application is required

Due to the advanced nature of this retreat, application is required. If this training calls to you, I encourage you to apply early. This is the only program of its kind in 2024, with no future dates planned. Last year, it filled quickly with a waiting list, and we anticipate the same this year.

"To be held in your priestess skill development by an elder of the path is invaluable...

Being witness to how priestessing is done in service to the moment—the way Sabrina creates practices that way is mind-blowing! Gaining the knowledge, wisdom & insight of someone who has run a business & led a team as a priestess for many years... This is truly the greatest gift I've ever given myself.”

~Karen, 18-Month Priest/ess Training Graduate
Karen Headshot
Tigz Headshot

"The Magic of Being In-Person...

To explain a ReWilding In-Person in a word or two? I would say, Growth Accelerator! Within the masterfully held container, magic really does happen. Glorious new parts of self come on line, patterns and conditioning that are no longer useful are burned away—all by the sheer force of love. I cannot think of one area of my life that has not been meteorically up-leveled from my ReWilding In-Person experiences!"

~Tigz, 18-Month Priest/ess Training Graduate

path of the priest/ess

The Four Pillars...




Awaken, Embody & Channel More Sacred Energy

  • Initiations into the sacred lineages that are unique to you. These initiations awaken YOUR connections, your dormant forces & capacities, and your inner guidance & unseen supports.
  • Engage with diverse archetypal energies to expand your consciousness, and the types of sacred energies that move through you.
  • Learn how to move sacred energies, not just within you but, also, to radiate them further out into the world.


Release Blocks & Conditioning

  • Let go of the blocks, fears, and conditioning that prevent you from fully stepping into your power and channeling grace and love. It involves doing shadow work to release old emotions, belief systems, and fears from this lifetime, past lives, and your ancestral lineage.
  • Work directly with the 5 Core Priest/ess Wounds so you can release the things that are holding you back from fully stepping into your power.


Ibiza Retreat Pillars




Self Mastery & Soul Stamina

  • Increase your capacity to stay present to the moment, to feel into the moment, and to move love through you in the way that serves the moment to the highest degree possible.
  • Learn unique self-care practices and develop strategies to integrate awakened sacred energies into your everyday life, ensuring balance and avoiding burnout.
  • Find out how the life of the priest/ess can be more joyful and ease-filled than you ever thought possible! Life can be a rich, glorious, colorful tapestry!


Discover & Live Your Sacred Calling

  • Identify and refine your unique sacred callings and gifts. Explore and uncover your true purpose, continuously evolving and expanding your capacity to serve as a channel for divine energies, and adapting to the constant changes in the world and within yourself.
  • Find your confidence to give your full, authentic self and your service to the world without fear or hesitation.
  • Learn how to bring it to ground, tangibly create a business as a priest/ess or take your current work or business to the next level.
  • Live from the mystical truth that what brings you the most fulfillment, joy, and bliss is also your highest calling!


Ibiza Retreat Pillars (2)

"I’ve come to think of Priest/ess training with Sabrina as a grand, cosmic striptease...

You learn to ruthlessly peel back, lovingly burn, ferociously tear away and effortlessly dissolve any and all false layers that shroud your Soul’s brilliance. Your sweat and tears—tears of joy, tears of release—become the fertile moisture for your creations. Panting. Undone. You become the naked radiance of divine love incarnate, reveling in the sheer joy and ecstasy of remembering your Wholeness, pulsing with limitless potential.  And you know what? It’s really f%#@! fun.”

~ Lindsay (2023 Ibiza Priest/ess Training Retreat Participant & 18-Month Priest/ess Training Graduate)

More of What People Are Saying About Retreats with Sabrina

forever changed

"Something in me has opened. I am changed forever. There is no going back. I finally feel like I’m starting to be alive and I have this burning desire to experience more.”
~ Maya

unlocked the deepest recesses

"I have reclaimed so much of my sensuality and self-expression. I’m so grateful to have unlocked the deepest recesses of my feminine power."
~ Louise

the best investment

"It is the best investment I have ever made in myself, the best gift and the greatest tool to use going forward in relation to furthering this… utterly necessary soul work."
~ Georgia

unique to this retreat!

Unleash the Power of Archetypes

To Unlock your spiritual gifts

Why work with the archetypes as part of your priest/ess development? Archetypes are flavors or aspects of the divine. Each one holds particular sacred energies that will awaken inner gifts unique to you and reveal parts of you that are blocked, shut down, hidden, suppressed or denied.

Archetypal embodiment is like awakening a sacred code within you."

Imagine embodying the expansive consciousness of Shiva, the sensual radiance of Lalita, the inner sacred flame of Vesta, or the passionate heart warrior energy of Mars. Once embodied, these archetypal energies emerge precisely when you need them and can be consciously invoked and attuned to.

Archetypal embodiment is a powerful tool for "priest/essing," a next-level way to channel love, light, and grace into the world. It enhances your skill, stamina, mastery, and capacity to live your calling. Why embrace archetypal embodiment? Because it transforms your spiritual journey into a powerful, living practice that unlocks your fullest potential!


Archetypes in ReWilding

Every archetype, every energy is a unique flavor, each working with different aspects of the self. They open, heal, shift and alchemize different things, and they turn on different inner wisdoms, powers and gifts. Here's a list of the possible archetypes we'll work with on retreat:


  • Venus/Aphrodite
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Juno/Hera
  • Parvati
  • Psyche
  • Ceres/Demeter
  • Mother Mary
  • Great Mother
  • Haumea
  • Pallas Athena
  • Pele
  • Durga
Medicine Woman
  • Hecate
  • Hygeia
  • Chariclo
Dark Goddess
  • Kali
  • Medusa
  • Lilith
  • Black Moon Lilith
  • Eris
  • Persephone/Kore
  • Sedna
  • Vesta/Hestia
  • Lalita
  • Chinnamasta
  • Isis
  • Saraswati
  • Sophia

the masculine

  • Eros
  • Jupiter/Zeus
  • Saturn/Kronos
  • Mars/Ares
Medicine Man
  • Chiron/Wounded Healer
  • Merlin
Dark God
  • Pluto/Hades
  • Priapus
  • Uranus/
  • Neptune/
  • Shiva
  • Mercury/
  • Christ Consciousness

"Archetypal embodiment is going straight to the source — building a relationship with the archetypes so you can access their wisdom, magic, and love anytime, anywhere."


Retreat Schedule


  • Arrive from 12pm
  • 1pm: Opening Circle
  • Exploration 1
  • Exploration 2
  • 5pm: Wisdom Circle
  • 6pm: Finish for the day


  • 9am: Movement practice
  • Exploration 3
  • Exploration 4
  • 12pm: Lunch (included)
  • Exploration 5
  • 5pm: Wisdom Circle
  • 6pm: Finish for the day


  • 9am: Movement practice
  • Exploration 6
  • 12pm: Lunch (included)
  • Exploration 7
  • Exploration 8
  • 5pm: Wisdom Circle
  • 6pm: Finish for the day


  • 9am: Movement practice
  • Exploration 9
  • 12pm: Lunch (included)
  • Exploration 10
  • Exploration 11
  • 5pm: Wisdom Circle
  • 6pm: Finish for the day


  • 9am: Exploration 12
  • Wisdom Circle
  • Integration practice
  • Closing ceremony
  • 1pm: Begin journey home

The entire retreat experience is pure magic! From the moment you choose to be there, through every exploration, interaction, conversation and forever after retreat ends. Life-changing is a serious understatement!" - Malea

This is an approximate schedule, as we flow with what is arising for the group, and what most serves the moment.

What Will a Typical Day on Retreat Look Like?

Each day at the retreat is unique, but here's a glimpse of what to expect:

In the morning, after arriving at the Retreat Center, you'll settle into the energetics of temple space with an opening meditation or movement practice. This helps you leave the ordinary world behind and awaken the wisdom centers of your body.

Sabrina will then facilitate Circle, diving deep into one of the pillars or archetypes. These sessions organically blend ReWilding embodiment modalities with transmissions and activations that take you experientially into altered states of consciousness.

All explorations happen in the main retreat space, guided and witnessed by Sabrina. You'll engage in individual practices, small group work, and full Wisdom Circle, sharing and interacting with Sabrina and the support team.

You'll enjoy lunch breaks and shorter breaks for tea and snacks, fostering casual "Kitchen Conversations" to connect with fellow participants—another very enriching part of the day!

Afternoons continue with explorations, final shares, tips for staying in the energy overnight, and closing Circle. You will be expertly supported to journey deeply, discover more about your priest/ess path than you can imagine, and have ample opportunities to ask questions and share your awakenings.

"I will never be the same, and I have never been more myself...

The transformation this training has activated, nourished and held me through has set in on a deep, cellular level. I will never be the same and I have never been more myself. This container is so deeply held in love and reverence to your way, your gifts, your power, your light that you have no other option but to surrender and become.”

~Alejandra, 2023 Ibiza Priest/ess Training Retreat Participant & 18-Month Priest/ess Training Graduate

Our Retreat Venue

Our retreat space is a lovingly restored ancient farm, steeped in the energy of the Goddess, abundant with ancient olive, citrus and pomegranates on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, that will deeply support this transformational work. Due to the private nature of our retreat venue, we're unable to share more pictures, but it is breathtaking.

Ibiza Retreat Center 1


What's Included

  • Five days of advanced training not found anywhere else.
  • Two 60-minute LIVE Group Calls on Zoom. One call before and one call after the retreat to connect, set intentions, answer any questions and integrate afterwards. Both calls will be recorded.
  • Follow-up supports and practices  to maintain the momentum of your journey.
  • Private retreat center: This sacred land, steeped in the energy of the Goddess and located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, amplifies and extends this deeply transformational work.
  • Private Facebook group for connection and continued support before and after retreat. This is a private group only open to the people who are on this retreat.
  • Three fully catered meals: Lunch Friday, Saturday and Sunday (all allergies and preferences can be catered to).
  • Snacks and drinks for all diets available throughout the duration of retreat.
  • List of sacred sites in the area that you may choose to visit before retreat, during the evenings of retreat or after to extend and deepen your journey.

Not Included

Sleeping accommodations and travel to and from the retreat center, which is approximately 30 minutes from the Ibiza Airport (IBZ). Non-stop flights from Barcelona, Madrid, and London fly into Ibiza Airport daily. Other major European cities offer limited non-stop flights per week.

We recommend booking accommodation in or near Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera. This beautiful village is 20 minutes from the retreat center and is the most energetically supportive to your journey if a full service town is desired.

For more rural accommodation, look for Airbnb’s or bed and breakfast hotels in the Santa Agnes de Corona and San Mateu d’Abarca areas. Both are 15 minutes from the retreat center. Retreat center address will be sent to you upon application approval.

Prior to retreat, you'll also be able to connect with the other participants via our private Facebook group to coordinate rental cars, rideshares and/or accommodation shares.

We have specifically chosen not to include accommodation in this retreat offering so you can choose the type of space that best supports you and your journey. Please keep your retreat needs in mind when booking.

Retreat Is Now Sold Out!

But you can still apply to join the waitlist


This is our Only Priest/ess Training Offering and In-Person Retreat in 2024

Experience the Transformative Power of ReWilding with Sabrina Lynn!

Working directly with Sabrina in a one-on-one setting starts at $50,000 USD. While this retreat isn't a one-on-one program, it offers a very small and intimate setting where you'll receive significant personal attention and guidance from Sabrina.

Our 18-Month Priest/ess Training program is $18,000 USD. This retreat condenses Sabrina's most advanced initiations and Priest/ess training teachings into an immersive 5-day experience for a fraction of the cost.

The 5-Day Advanced In-Person Priest/ess Training retreat is regularly priced at $5,700 USD. Apply before June 30th to take advantage of our Early Bird Special and pay only $5,200 USD—a saving of $500!

Early Bird Special Ends June 30th.

This is our Only Priest/ess Training Offering and In-Person Retreat in 2024.

Join us for the most in-depth archetypal embodiment training available. You'll experience initiations and activations not found anywhere else and gain access to Sabrina Lynn's most advanced Priest/ess teachings.

This retreat is an unparalleled opportunity to dive deep into your spiritual journey, with exclusive teachings and personalized guidance in a small, intimate setting. It's designed to unlock your true potential and elevate your spiritual practice to new heights.

Only open to 21 participants.



Proven Track Record

100,000 souls from 70+ different countries have journeyed through spiritual awakening, embodiment, and reclamation programs with Sabrina Lynn, based on her unique & original ReWilding Method. There’s a reason every single in-person retreat has sold out!

Be held in your priest/ess skill development by an elder of the path, witness how priest/essing is done in service to the moment, benefit from the knowledge, wisdom & insight of someone who has run a business & led a team as a priest/ess for many years, and receive next-level mentoring by a skilled practitioner with a proven track record!"

It's YOUR Awakening

Our programs are guided enough so you can go deeper and access more, but open enough so you can follow what’s uniquely arising for you. In the end, it always comes back to YOUR connection, YOUR empowerment, YOUR awakening, YOUR spiritual power... without the need for anyone or anything else!

It's never that you lack the inner calling or the sacred lineage to follow it... Oftentimes, you've reached an upper limit that you can't break through on your own! The next awakening, the next initiation, the next breakthrough is waiting for you with the energy of the circle and a guide who has the skill to get you there."

Mystics OUTSIDE of Monastaries

You don't need to be a mystic in a monastery to walk the path of the priest/ess. You can live each day as a channel for grace and love... while paying your bills, folding your laundry, loving your family, creating a business, etc. The energies, frameworks and tools you'll explore on this retreat will show you how!

This is about learning to be a priest/ess in the world, to shine your light within all areas of your life. Your work, of course, but also in the seemingly more mundane areas of life."

Sacred Technologies that Work

This retreat is about waking up to higher mystical truths… Not just reading about them, but embodying them, and embracing them in such a way that your daily life is utterly transformed.

This unique retreat helps you create a bridge between the sacred and the mundane, making it possible to bring consciousness, truth & transformation to every aspect of life, from career, to work, home, family, relationships, finances... ALL of it!"


Trw Sabrina Headshot

Meet Your Guide:

Sabrina Lynn

Sabrina Lynn's work as a priestess and her development of the ReWilding method of archetypal embodiment went hand-in-hand. She discovered archetypal embodiment a decade ago and was immediately hooked. At that time, she stepped into her life's work as a priestess, starting to facilitate in-person retreats, workshops and events.

While Sabrina had done traditional spiritual practices for years, nothing had given her direct access to the divine like dancing with Kali, Lilith, Sophia, Medusa, Hecate and so many more. By working with the archetypes, Sabrina’s gifts of facilitation, hands-on healing, and even sex magic had begun to come online.

Since then, Sabrina’s life has turned upside down. While working daily with the archetypes in her own personal practice, she started a podcast, a YouTube channel, and a membership. Before she knew it, she was running a Mystery School and then a Priest/ess Training.

Today, Sabrina has a global following of over 400,000 firestarters, changemakers, spiritual seekers, and wild men and women! Her YouTube channel has had over 2.2 million video views and her podcasts have been downloaded over 2.3 million times. And she has led more than 100,000 people through programs based on the ReWilding Way, a modality of healing and awakening that strips away the false, the deep wounds from early life, and the fears that hold people back, to reveal their true and unique soul light, and to build their innate capacity to shine it in the world in a way that’s most authentic to them.

Having now run two 18-month Priest/ess Training programs for both men and women, and an in-person retreat in 2023 specifically for people on the Path of the Priest/ess, Sabrina now offers this advanced training in 2024 combining the ReWilding Way archetypal embodiment method with her unique way of teaching and activating people into a deeper level of priest/essing than is found anywhere else in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there payment plans?

    We do not have an official payment plan offering, however, if you know this program is for you, and having a payment plan is truly the ONLY thing holding you back, email us at support@rewildingway.com and we will do our best to support you.

  • I'm new to this, can I still join retreat?

    Absolutely! No previous experience or spiritual practice is necessary. In fact, we have seen some people who are brand new to this type of a journey go the furthest!

  • How do I know if this is for me?

    If you've already watched the video above in its entirety, read through this page, and still don't know, please take some time to sit with things. Maybe meditate on the journey, ask your deep, wise self if this is for you, watch the video again. You might feel the call in your body, your heart or your belly. You might experience an emotional response, such as, nervousness, excitement or fear. The YES feels different for each of us. I'll leave you with one woman's experience of the inner knowing... It's an example that might help you:

    What first drew me to retreat was purely a deep internal knowing, without any need for logical understanding. And a trusting. And my soul is forever grateful that I followed that call."

  • Is this retreat really open and welcoming to all?

    100%! The retreat is open to all people from all walks of life! All people, of all gender identifications, sexual preferences, religions, cultures and traditions, are wholeheartedly welcome to join this program.

  • What if I need help making travel arrangements?

    We've got you! The retreat support team is happy to make suggestions about airports, hotels vs Airbnbs and getting around town. Plus, we'll connect everyone via the private Facebook group and open discussions about travel plans so if you'd like to share accommodations or cars you'll be able to easily coordinate that!

  • What if I have no idea how I'm going to Priest/ess in the world?

    That's the beauty of this retreat, you don't need to know! During retreat we will be exploring so many different facets of the Priest/ess Path that there is no way you won't walk away with more confidence and clarity! ...And quite honestly you are probably already Priest/essing in ways you don't realize. Being together in sacred space with Sabrina and others who can see, reflect back, and nurture it out of you is a powerful way to realize it and further activate your innate priest/ess abilities and callings!

  • What if I've already stepped into serving? How will this help me?

    Those of us called to this path know that we're never done growing, refining our skills or adjusting to an ever-changing world. We also know that consciousness, whether that be the world's consciousness or ours, is never done evolving or expanding. And the same goes for human potential (our potential). It's never done increasing.

    This program holds a space that allows you to start from the exact place you're at on your path, no matter how long you've been serving, to what degree or in what capacity. It's a space that allows you to really go for it, to expand and experiment with the new energy, and to explore your own new callings, in a space where you're not teaching, facilitating or holding. Those of us on a path of service need spaces where we can let go so that we can be rebuilt with greater capacities and greater stamina. If you've been on this path for any length of time, you'll know how to feel into what's true for you. And, if this program feels true for you, then we'll see you on retreat!

One final, personal note...

It's not every day we get to work with sacred energies of this caliber while standing on sacred land, in a Circle of dedicated practitioners. It is my great honor to open the doors to this program and all that will weave into it! If it's calling you, I invite you to apply now.

Let's sit beside each other in temple space, dive into the most advanced trainings we can access together, and see just how far into the mysteries we can go, how many soul gifts we can illuminate within, and how much we can support each other to step into our callings.

With so much love & excitement for this journey,
💛 Sabrina Lynn